Shanese Colon, 18, Needs A Home

Another great “Teen Talk” interview by Anni Keane and Aileen Rosario. Meet Shanese Colon: A high school graduate and college Freshman. She’s been in foster care since infancy and has had 20 foster home placements, one RTC placement, and one group shelter placement over the past 17 years. She was placed for adoption at age 5 and abandoned by her adoptive parents at age 8. She speaks about her fear of family and her need to move on. Both Shanese and Anni have a sad “addicted to moving” conversation about how they even feel discomfort when they stay in one location for too long. Despite her skepticism about people’s motives who want to adopt teens, Shanese says she continues to long for a family that will have patience with her. She is tired of her foster agency having to find temporary homes to “plop” her in during holiday and summer breaks. She wants a real family who will understand that she needs time to adjust to a setting where she will not have to move again. Shanese is an extraordinarily intelligent, insightful, and mature young lady who will make some prospective permanent or adoptive parent proud to call her “daughter” someday.

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