Former Foster Mom Adopts 18-year-old and Two Others

Or we can call this program: My Three Sons. Meet Beth Brucoli, along with her husband Billy Kaiser, who adopted three older teen males. Their first son was adopted at 18. When the family left for Florida when Ryan was 11 they were not allowed to bring him along. When they came back they found out that now, at 17, he needed to be adopted. So they did. When Ryan turned 18 he was legally adopted. Then Beth met a young man named Alex, 17, at a YGB function and hear her very interesting story about how that lead to an adoption. And finally Beth met one of her daughter’s friends working at an Applebee’s who was 19 and living in a group home. She is adopting Hector as well. A totally fascinating family. This program was a re-airing of a live program that originally aired on 11/25/07.

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