Vanessa Roth – Academy Award Winner

Though Documentary Film Maker Vanessa Roth won an Oscar in 2008 for a documentary entitled “Freeheld” about the denying of a gay partner of an Ocean County New Jersey police officer dying of cancer pension benefits, this is not why Ms. Roth was on our program this evening. Ms. Roth produced a documentary that aired on PBS stations throughout the United States in 2005 called “Aging Out” that featured three youth at the tail end of their foster care experience and for a short time after they aged out on their own. Ms. Roth reported to us that two of those three youth have past away. One youth, Risa, was murdered and Ms Roth’s documentary Aging Out was shown to a jury who after seeing the film sentenced Risa’s murderer to death. Ms. Roth introduced her next documentary to our radio audience No Tomorrow about the experience of utilizing Aging Out to sentence a young murderer to death. The No Tomorrow documentary will be released in the near future.

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