What Teens Need From Parents

This segment of Teen Talk hosted by Anni Keane is an intense discussion about how parents that we find to provide permanent homes for teens in foster care must be more attentive to listening to their teens. Cedric Riley makes the point that simply because an adoptive parent is recruited for an older teen in foster care that this may not be enough if that parent does not know how to, or is not willing to, listen to their teen youth’s needs as expressed by the teen youth. Cedric and Anni (both former youth in care who got adopted) speak to how important it is for the permanent parents to make a real effort to understand their child by really paying attention to what their child’s needs are that are being expressed both verbally by the teen and sometimes acted out by the teen. Anni made the point many times that one should not take a teen’s acting out behavior personally but to, instead, read the behavior as a language of expressing needs that the parent must make every effort to understand.

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