Twice Adopted – The Keith Suber Story of Redemption and Forgiveness

Listen to this fascinating story of a man given up for adoption at birth and raised by his maternal grandmother, adopted by her at age nine through the NYC foster care kinship program, and then adopted by another family member as a teen when his grandma was no longer able to take care of him. Keith’s story is about the power of family. That family made a difference in his life even when the influences of the streets of Coney Island didn’t keep him out of trouble, gangs, or prison. Keith’s story is one of redemption and forgiveness. Hear how having family during the years he was in prison made the difference in his life. Hear about how a family’s unconditional commitment to him gave him a chance for a second life. And listen to what he is doing now. He has come back to the neighborhood of his youth, Coney Island, where his family lives, and he is attempting to save other youth one life at a time by telling his story to the current crop of gang-bangers committing the bulk of the violence in the Coney Island community in 2010. His influence in the community is being felt by all who come into contact with him and that is why we are proud to present his story in this broadcast.

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