A Tale of Two Sisters – Keema & Lena Davis

Two sisters, born less than two years apart, age out of foster care in two uniquely different fashions. One sister, Keema, to a permanent parent and family. One sister, Lena, to Independent Living with Section 8 Housing. This interview brings to the surface the unique differences, difficulties, and challenges from being discharged from foster care to a caring parent and being discharged from foster care to no one but oneself. The last 10 minutes of this program is dedicated to a discussion about the impact and importance of The Freddie Mack Foundation’s signature program Wednesday’s Child, which airs every Wednesday on NBC Ch.4 in New York City between 6 and 6:30pm. Wednesday’s Child has been instrumental in recruiting perhaps thousands of new families from the general public over the past 11 years to adopt New York City’s oldest and most vulnerable children. We interview ACS Wednesday’s Child Coordinator Keema Davis about this very special outreach to the general public on behalf of our teens and other children in foster care waiting for families.

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