Extreme Recruitment & Support After Placement

This weeks guest are Melanie Scheetz and Karen Nolte who discuss the practice of Extreme Recruitment that was recently highlighted in the January 10th, 2011 issue of Time magazine. Under Ms. Scheetz’s guidance as CEO of the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition in St. Louis, the agency developed this ground breaking program that makes an urgent effort to get teens in foster care permanent homes with bio family members. Hence, “Extreme Recruitment.” In the second half of this program Ms. Nolte speaks about the urgent need to offer families solid support after the youth move in. Often after adding a new member to a family who happens to be a teen can present many unique challenges that call for additional supports shortly after the placement of a youth. Ms. Nolte is the CEO of Children’s Home Society of Missouri. Pat O’Brien and Chester Jackson Host.

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