From Homeless Camper to College Grad: Michael McLaughlin.

Our guest this Sunday evening is Child Advocate and Child Abuse Survivor Michael McLaughlin. After a short stint in foster care, Michael was homeless as a teenager, following a nightmare of childhood abuse that left him literally physically scarred. By age seventeen Michael was homeless, at various times living out of a car, a storage shed, a tent, and ultimately a camper. Not having running water or heat, Michael struggled to support himself financially. In spite of these obstacles, Michael continued to pursue his education. Despite having to work multiple jobs, he took courses at the local community college and pursued his dream of obtaining a college degree. In 2005, Michael achieved this goal when he graduated from Illinois State University, having obtained an entire year of proficiency credit from the time he spent teaching himself foreign languages in his camper. And though Michael never got a permanent family, he met an incredible woman at the age of 17 who never left his life and that woman is his wife of 9 years Brooke. Michael share his inspiring story with hosts Pat and Chester Play Radio Show Here

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