Humans of New York and The Royal Family (Denise, Christina, & Savana).

Out for a rare day with both her daughter and granddaughter, You Gotta Believe’s own, Denise Royal, was randomly approached by a writer for Humans of New York. What followed was absolutely amazing. Both Denise and Christina Royal were quoted on the Humans of New York’s Facebook page that resulted in over 800,000 likes and 40,000 shares, not to mention thousands of comments. Listen to this interview with Denise about the extraordinary experience of having her family come to the attention, without exaggeration, of nearly a million people. And also listen to Denise’s wonderful wisdom and encouragement about why everyone should come to a You Gotta Believe orientation to start a learning experience that might lead folks along the same road less traveled to creating a family as Denise’s path to creating her family. Pat O’Brien hosts Play Radio Show Here

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