Pastor’s Wife, Mrs. Miriam Maslin, Shares Story of Adopting 18 Year Old Daughter.

After fostering 14 children over 12 years and raising three biological children as well, Pastor Maslin and his wife, of the Whitney Point Baptist Church (and were asked to consider adopting a 17 year old daughter by the agency they were working with. Mrs. Maslin shares her honest journey of how she had to learn different parenting techniques when parenting a child of trauma even though that “child” was practically a young woman at the time she moved into their family. A great discussion about how changing the way one parents can have a real constructive effect on the youth being parented over the course of time. Mrs. Maslin also talks about the great support she received from her church community where 12 families, including the two pastors, have fostered and adopted children. Hosts Pat O’Brien and Chester Jackson co-host Play Radio Show

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