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Streaming Content Ratings


Discover the who, when and what of today’s streaming audiences

As streaming media consumption continues to evolve and the number of ways to access video multiplies, it’s more important than ever to understand the content driving your audience’s viewership. Publishers, platforms and studios alike need a clear understanding of consumer streaming preferences to make the business decisions necessary for programming, content distribution and ad strategies.

We’re here to help. Nielsen Streaming Content Ratings uses people-powered panels and proprietary metering technology to attribute program viewership through linear TV and connected devices.

By fusing the who, where and what of today’s streaming audiences, we’re able to provide syndicated measurement for programs and episodes viewed through the top streaming platforms. With this intelligence, customers can develop comprehensive audience profiles for their businesses, and for their competitors’ businesses, to stand out in the crowded streaming ecosystem.


Understand streaming preferences and optimize the video content experience

Audience demographics

Audience demographics

Gain valuable insight about which streaming programs are viewed by your target demographic.



Find out who is viewing your content across linear TV, video-on-demand, and streaming platforms.

Trending data

Understand how your streaming programs are trending over the course of a week, month, year or total flight.

Competitive view

Competitive view

Discover the number of viewers your streaming programs are reaching compared to your competitors.

Use cases

Streaming measurement for advertisers, agencies, publishers and ad platforms

Advertisers and agencies

Media buyers

Develop comprehensive audience profiles to showcase your brand in a crowded streaming ecosystem.

Answer critical questions like:

• What are the best platforms to distribute my ads?
• Which programs are reaching my target audience?
• How can my brand integrate into the streaming ecosystem?

Publishers and platforms

Media sellers

Uncover consumer streaming preferences to inform your programming, content distribution and ad strategies.

Answer critical questions like:

• What are the best platforms to distribute my content?
• How can I convince advertisers to invest in my platform?
• Where can I reach non-streamers to promote my platform?

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