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Local TV Measurement


Connect with the audiences that matter most to you

Understanding how audiences tune into and experience local television is essential to reaching the right people, at the right time, with the right content. Local broadcasters and agencies need trusted measurement solutions to get an accurate picture of what their audiences are watching–when, where, how often and on which platform.

Nielsen’s Local TV Measurement solution delivers unparalleled insights into what audiences are watching across 210 local designated market areas (DMAs). By using a unique combination of advanced metering technology, people-powered panels and data from millions of cable and satellite boxes, we’re able to deliver metrics that are representative of what real people are actually viewing in local markets.

Our solution measures viewers at an individual level. We believe that every viewer counts, and our measurement stands apart from other providers for our ability to recognize who is watching what without assuming that everyone in a household is watching the same program together.


Know what people are viewing in your local broadcast markets

→ Trusted Metrics

Monetize your business with the local currency trusted by broadcasters, agencies and advertisers alike.

→ Inclusive Data

Get an accurate picture of your local audience with metrics that represent audience age, gender, race and ethnicity.

Complete Coverage

Complete coverage of your local audiences with metrics across broadband-only “cord-cutters,” OTA, OTT, streaming and OOH viewership.

Big Data + Panels

Our panels, advanced meter technologies and big data enable you to measure all of today’s emerging media platforms.

Use cases

Unlock the power of local TV

Digital measurement for advertisers and agencies

Media buyers

Accurately plan and budget your local media buys with comprehensive measurement of local TV audiences across pay-TV, over-the-air and OTT services.

Answer critical questions like:

• Which programs are most likely to reach my buyers?
• How can I compare my advertising performance across local markets?
• How can I optimize my cross-channel mix to drive ROI?

Digital measurement for publishers and platforms

Media sellers

Claim your local broadcast property’s rightful place in the cross-platform consideration set with metrics that better reflect key demographics.

Answer critical questions like:

• Who are the key audiences tuning into my station?
• How many unique viewers does my station reach?
• How does my audience differ from the competition?

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