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Content Analytics Suite


Intelligence for the next generation of content creators and distributors

Today, there are ever-increasing volumes of content and more viewing services and platforms, while individual viewers have their own tastes and preferences.  It is essential for content creators and distributors to make informed decisions around content development, licensing and distribution.

Gracenote Content Analytics suite of products enable a deep understanding of content performance, helping content creators and distributors make smarter decisions to derive more value from programming.

Gracenote Content Analytics products are built upon the unique combination of Gracenote’s essential entertainment metadata and IDs plus Nielsen’s unparallelled audience measurement data.* Upon the foundational data, we apply sophisticated data analysis and advanced machine-learning, including predictive capabilities. 

*Some Gracenote Content Analytics products may require additional pre-requisite licenses.


Empowering content creators and distributors to make smarter decisions

Gracenote Inclusion

Make better inclusive content decisions equipped with representation on-screen compared with audience diversity.

Gracenote Audience

Anticipate programming performance across streaming and linear TV so you can invest in the right content.

Gracenote Distribution Dynamics

Determine and capitalize on the TV shows and movies that audiences binge the most and are most loyal to.

Gracenote Program Availability Archive

Pinpoint where programming has been available on many streaming services over time, informing licensing strategies.

Use cases

Helping content creators and distributors drive more value from content

Content creators

Understand why content resonates and drives viewership, informing content development and licensing.

Answer critical questions like:

• How engaged is the audience?
• What’s the diversity makeup of the audience?
• Where is the industry trending toward?

Content distributors

Plan for the future–anticipate how audiences will react to content, and discover where content has lived across streaming services with a single glance.

Answer critical questions like:

• How will an audience respond to this new content?
• Where has this content been licensed for streaming previously?
• How does a specific audience react to certain media?


Unparalleled coverage for your content solutions needs

Gracenote provides global and local content solutions in key regions across the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Gracenote Content Analytics products are available with coverage across key markets in the Americas and Europe.

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