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Nielsen ONE Ads is here: 5 things to know 

5 minute read | January 2023

Today’s audiences need the media industry to keep up. They’re watching when they want, where they want and how they want. It’s convenient for them, but it’s complex for you, the publishers, advertisers and agencies.

A fragmented media landscape means it’s that much harder to find your audience and that much more important to stand out from the crowd. And if that wasn’t complicated enough, throw in a looming global recession, add a dash of budget cuts, shake well and serve over ice for a cocktail of reasons the industry needs a tool that helps them act quickly—and confidently. 

Enter Nielsen ONE, our cross-media solution that provides deduplication across all four screens (linear TV, connected TV, computer, mobile). It lets advertisers and publishers plan and transact on a single set of reliable, independent and standardized metrics that are comparable across linear and digital. Nielsen ONE comprises two core offerings, Nielsen ONE Ads and Nielsen ONE Content, and the first has officially arrived. 

Here are five things to know about Nielsen ONE Ads.

1. Powered by big data, validated by real people

Nielsen ONE runs on a proprietary identity solution built explicitly for measuring media consumed by real people and validated against the media industry’s largest and most representative panel. 

Our approach combines the scale of big data from 35 million households and nearly 75 million devices, our representative U.S. National TV panel of over 101,000+ persons AND integrations from direct publishers and walled gardens. So, what do all these numbers mean for you? Together, they allow Nielsen to associate viewing with real people and not just devices and, most importantly, give you an accurate, precise understanding of viewership.

2. Deduplicated audiences across all screens

Nielsen ONE Ads delivers deduplicated reach and frequency metrics across linear TV, connected TV (CTV), computer and mobile channels. This gives you a comprehensive campaign view to understand your reach and manage frequency across platforms. And what does that do exactly? For starters, it breaks intel out of silos so you can see which channels complement each other and which are over-indexing. 

No matter where your audiences ricochet across the internet, Nielsen ONE Ads will be able to accurately measure it: On target percentage, average reach by age and gender, average frequency by age and gender, gross rating points, tracked ads by age and gender, inclusive of co-viewing for linear TV and CTV and demo efficiency rate.

3. Comparability at a glance

Whether you’re a publisher, advertiser, or anything in between, you need both a high-level and in-the-weeds view of your audience across all the outlets they’re consuming content. What’s more, you need a way to easily compare performance. 

Nielsen ONE Ads delivers sub-minute TV advertising measurement and Always On digital measurement to harmonize TV and digital channels to bring truly comparable metrics to market. This means, for the first time, Nielsen will deliver reach and frequency metrics for individual ads  rather than at the minute level —allowing users to make informed, comprehensive decisions quickly and confidently. Comparability helps you see the full picture, and with greater clarity comes smarter decisions with fewer risks. 

4. The broadest coverage available 

Nielsen ONE Ads tackles the fragmentation of cross-media measurement head-on with the industry’s most extensive coverage of TV networks, streaming services, connected TV providers and digital publishers—including many direct, walled garden integrations.

Nielsen ONE Ads delivers measurement that captures viewing across 200+ TV viewing sources, over 75% of digital ad spend on connected devices, and nearly 90% of digital ad spend on computer and mobile.

5. A clear, consolidated view 

Numbers, stats, metrics—they’re only helpful if you understand them. Nielsen ONE Ads brings everything together in a streamlined dashboard that turns numbers into insights, all at a glance. 

The dashboard shows reach, frequency, and on-target percentages across linear TV, connected TV, computer and mobile. Users can see the individual performance of each platform to gauge the strength of the campaign or channel as a whole while also understanding where the audience is within it. There are also report generation tools that allow users to access the raw data when that’s needed as well. 

Perhaps the most important thing to know about Nielsen ONE Ads is this: It’s only just the beginning. Nielsen will add enhancements and capabilities to support the full campaign workflow, including Advanced Audiences and Outcomes KPIs, as well as full cross-media programming viewership with Nielsen ONE Content. 

Ultimately, Nielsen ONE allows advertisers and publishers to plan and to transact on a single set of metrics across linear and digital. And those metrics are reliable, independent and standardized across the industry and across all of those different platforms.

Welcome to the future of cross-media measurement. Welcome to Nielsen ONE. 

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