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Nielsen partners with RDA and Eyeota in big win for ad reach, marketing analytics and campaign performance

3 minute read | October 2023

Sydney – September 18 , 2023 – Nielsen, a global leader in audience measurement, data and analytics today announced it has partnered with audience technology experts Eyeota and synthetic population modelers RDA Research, giving Australian advertisers and marketers unprecedented access to its Consumer and Media View (CMV) dataset.

This alliance means agencies and advertisers can now seamlessly integrate more than 500 CMV audience segments across 16 different verticals, such as Finance, Auto, Travel and Sustainability into their digital campaigns – simultaneously providing an increased reach of target audiences while better matching that audience to their product or brand.

Monique Perry, Managing Director of Nielsen Pacific, said: “This is such a great partnership for the industry and strengthens the ability to match brands and advertisers with the right audiences and customers, at the right time – which is the ultimate goal.

Having access to a dataset as comprehensive and accurate as Nielsen CMV, with such easy integration into digital campaigns, is a huge win for any agency, advertiser, or marketer who is people-focused. It’s a collaboration that expands reach, enhances marketing analytics, and boosts omnichannel performance.”

Robert Dommett, Technical Director and Founder of RDA Research added: “Users can now activate their insights seamlessly through our extensive suite of segments – now with 500 newly-integrated audiences, thanks to Nielsen’s CMV. By leveraging synthetic population models to project Nielsen’s rich CMV consumer data this partnership offers large-scale audience segments, with unparalleled accuracy.”

Trent Lloyd, Head of APAC at Eyeota, a Dun & Bradstreet company, , reinforced the significance of the partnership, saying: “We’re excited to work with Nielsen and RDA to strengthen our audience marketplace with high-quality consumer data. This collaboration gives marketers access to scalable and addressable audiences for omnichannel targeting across various sectors, including automotive, finance, travel, and much more.”

Nielsen Consumer & Media View (CMV) is an always-on consumer survey, which captures a wide variety of consumer attitudes, lifestyle, category behaviours, purchase and intent, and a vast array of offline and online media habits from more than 30,000 Australians each year.

Thanks to this partnership, the rich audience insights available in CMV are now able to be activated through targeted digital marketing initiatives.”

CMV insights help marketers, planners and sales specialists to strategically target their intended audience in the right place, at the right time, and in the right way. 

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About RDA Research 

RDA Research is a long-established, Sydney-based strategic analytics firm that specializes in the development and application of synthetic population models which underpin solutions for survey appending, data enhancement, audience targeting and market planning.

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